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Who We Are

Founded in 1992, Albatross Exim began with a simple vision.  

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Roelof Schoemaker was commissioned by the United Nations as a young food technologist to bring aquaculture and food sustainability to various Third World nations. After 25 years of ploughing the seas of Africa, South America and conquering the Indian Ocean, he decided to set up a permanent home in Malaysia.  

Together with his wife, he founded Albatross Exim in 1992 and began with a simple mission - to bring rustic European flavours to the Malaysian palate. He achieved this by culminating his experiences around the world to create a unique fusion of flavours that is present in each and every recipe today. 


Smoked salmon is produced by the ancient traditional method of brining and exposing to woodsmoke which preserves all the essential nutrients found in pelagic fish such as Omega-3, DHA and EPA. This method also imparts a unique texture and flavour naturally without the use of artificial additives and preservatives so prevalent in the modern world. 


We invite you to try all our varieties of smoked and raw seafood and you will find that we never take shortcuts or compromise on the quality which we strive hard to preserve in every single hand-packed seafood product.

Roelof Schoemaker

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